Undisclosed client

Due Diligence onshore wind and solar project Wildlands

An undisclosed BLIX client wanted to purchase the Wildlands project and asked BLIX to perform a technical due diligence. It concerned a licensed wind energy farm of approximately 50 MW and a land-based Solar farm of approximately 35 ha. with land contracts, a provisional quotation for the network connection and a SDE+ application. The project was divided into two phases, with BLIX reporting the largest project risks to its client in the first phase with an efficient red-flag analysis.

Thanks to this targeted approach, the focus in the second phase could be placed on the identified red-flags. In this follow-up phase, BLIX executed performance assessments, the options for the grid connection were further elaborated and the budget quotes for wind turbines and EPC quotes for the solar park were assessed by comparing them with the large number of references available to BLIX.

BLIX added to this data a project planning and updated the customer's business case with P50 Capex, Devex and Opex estimates. This enabled the customer to place an optimal bid (including resolutive conditions) with the selling party.